The one with lots of lessons. Manchester March, 2023.

Mar 20, 2023

By Alicia Barlow.

PIP Mcr welcomed our members and some new faces back to the exclusive Together Conference suite.

Kieran Toner opened the meeting with a great message about how investment is a vehicle to create time, freedom and opportunity for you and your family.

10 Biggest Lessons learnt in property, he explained that not all experiences in property are rosie!

The best takeaways are:

It’s your goal, no one else’s! Do what works for you! Not what everyone else is doing! Do what you want to do, not what you think you should be! Stick to your plan…

Trust but don’t turn your back! Manage your managers… any mistakes or issues are your responsibility… it’s your business.

Our sponsor Serco, Tania Steel explained the importance of their role in asylum in the UK. Their values are strong to care for those individuals or families seeking protection and security. Working in partnership with landlords and local authorities to enable this to happen positively!

Our next sponsor Together, Kirsty Rogers, explaining how their funding is fast and flexible. Including any properties next to a commercial unit. They’d review the case and the Landlords income position.

Our sponsor Peter from The Mortgage Consultancy, explaining how the SONIA swap rates are volatile but interest rates are steady for the BTL market. More funding is becoming available from pension funds, GILT monies are being reinvested and buying property or lending out to this market. This will impact rates in the coming months, so keep yourself informed.

Jess Macauley our London PIP Host presented next, giving us a flavour of SA on the South coast! “What’s your strategy?” I buy deals…

Using her SASS has enabled her to scale more profitably and quickly. Commercial property has been her bread and butter!

I’m SA be aware that there is so much more time and cost involved, it’s high impact operational business. Process and cost management is key! Income is seasonal, it needs to be forecast correctly especially on the South Coast where it is predominantly short term holiday lets.

Key takeaways for Jess are that diversification and cashflow will be her focus for 2023.

Rupert Lowe from our Sponsor CrowdProperty explained the importance of sentiment in the market. Ability to transact on profitable deals is slow but equally residential has more demand from exiting Landlords who have come to the end of their favourable mortgage terms or for other legislative reasons.

Moving onto our round tables after lunch we had a great selection of options for our members and attendees who had the ability to ask one to one questions from our Speakers and Sponsors on the day. Discussions about the benefits of SASS or pensions for your property business were incredibly interesting and informative.

Today was a great meeting showing how our members are doing deals in a tough market / recessionary environment. The speakers giving us incredible ideas and techniques on how the North West is a strong investment area and how planning is another important aspect of being able to add value to your opportunities and property businesses.