The one where we welcomed in the New Year. Birmingham 2023

Jan 13, 2023


By Angela Soong

Angela Soong and Founder Sue Sims hosted this month’s Birmingham event along with our beautiful Bristol host Angie Nicholls. Together we are like Charlie’s Angels, (leaving it to your imagination of who plays who).

Guillaume Black spoke to us first with an empowering presentation that showed us how to find quality leads without the hassle and sacrifice of your precious time. With the app he created, it allows you to find deals in the market without scrolling through the same websites looking at the same properties on a daily basis. This is fantastic as it filters out things you’ve seen, tells you of all the new changes automatically and shows you the new properties you are yet to view! It was demonstrated that hours of work will be saved if you source or make your searches a good fit allowing you to find a motivated seller

Angie and Sue today ran a great session, sharing lots of goals, aspirations, truth and honesty about going into the new year. We looked at Goal Setting and Accountability which was valuable in looking forward to what we want to see and achieve in 2023 and beyond.

Pinder Dhaliwal from Falcon Insurance spoke to us after about insuring your Property Portfolio. Pinder took his usual presentation style of presenting serious issues in a light hearted way.  He shared with us case studies of  claims, liabilities and arguments arising from claims. Who can claim and who can’t? This winter has taken a massive toll on properties and resulting insurance claims.  In my own portfolio one third of properties have suffered leaks and boilers problems that needed attention. In the worst-case scenario, we had to buy a new boiler after weighing up all the various options.

Peter Vandervennin from The Mortgage Consultancy is always a well-anticipated speaker that the members look forward to listening to. He spoke about how the market fluctuates so frequently that you really need to be up to date with the news on rising interest rates, inflation, availability of mortgages and conditions of lending.

Networking is the key part of our meetings here at Partners in Property, with every member always feeling they go home with valuable content, connections and direction.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting as we carry on the year how we started it.  

If you haven’t attended a PIP meeting yet, make 2023 the year when you do.