The One Where We Strategised

Jan 8, 2024

The first Partners in Property meeting of 2024 kicked off in style yesterday – and the Birmingham meeting is back in Solihull!

As you can imagine, the January meeting was all about planning, setting goals, accountability and preparing ourselves for the year ahead!

Our first speaker was Jon Rose, an experienced investor and financial planner. His thought provoking views on financial life planning challenged the traditional views on people’s relationships with money, property and investments over their lifetime.


Next up were our new sponsors 978 Finance and Talbot’s Law. PIP Partners Adam Lawrence and Rod Turner, buying into the 978 Finance brokerage, is great news for our community and James Rogers from 978 presented a market update and the latest rates.

Gerard Davis, Bham PIP member, introduced Talbot’s Law, a U.K. wide law practice. With various specialism across the firm, our new sponsor will have many of our members’ legal requirements covered.

And our last speakers before lunch were PIP Partners Sue Sims and Angie Nicholls, giving their now famous start of the year planning and accountability presentations. Angie showed us how to plan for success and went over what should be included in a good plan. A key takeaway was “If it’s not working, change the plan – not the goal!”

Sue is an expert on accountability and runs the PIP Accountabilty group. She explained why accountability is so important to ensuring plans are actioned and goals are met. She concluded by reminding us to celebrate our successes to keep us rewarded and motivated.

A superb day ended with our famous Round Tables, with each of the speakers hosting a table and talking more about their specialist subjects. The chats continued well after our scheduled finish time! The meetings are only going to get better from here, with the group growing with quality members.

Bring on 2024… we can’t wait!!!