The One Where We Predicted For 2024

Jan 16, 2024

The first Partners in Property London meeting took place yesterday, hosted by Jessica Macaulay and Sue Sims.

It was a joy to be back at The Dickens Inn and to meet up with our London members.

As usual many of our longstanding members were there, together with a sprinkling of new members. It’s always good to see more property people joining the community.

The day was started with a round of introductions. We love to hear what everyone in the room does and know who to chat to in the breaks.

Gerard Davis from Talbots, our newest sponsor, was the first to speak with an introduction to Talbots and their services.

Up second was John Cox from Insurance Desk. Make sure you get your insurances correct. Don’t leave it until you have a claim to find out you’re under insured.

Our third speaker was Simon Das from 978 Finance. He brought us the latest mortgage update.

Then it was time for the coffee break and lots of chatting

The two keynote speakers were Adam Lawrence and Mike Bristow, CEO of CrowdProperty. They both put their necks on the block with forecasts for 2024. It’s recorded for the Vault. Who’s going to listen back in December 2024 to see how their predictions held up

During the afternoon we had our often copied round tables with so much information being shared by the speakers.

Each speaker had many people firing questions at them and happily shared their knowledge.

And no PIP London event is complete without networking continuing into the evening in the downstairs bar at the Dickens

Another fabulous day at PIP London and roll on February when one of the keynote speakers is The Planning Geek himself Ian Walmsley