The One Where We Had To Pick Our Jaws Off The Floor! – PIP London October

Oct 18, 2022

By Jess Macaulay

Jess Macaulay, London host.

I’m still buzzing from our October PIP London meeting. This month’s get together saw lots of new faces in the room, as well as visitors from other PIP groups. It’s fantastic to see the community continuing to grow and evolve and business and connections emerge from within it. This meeting had a focus on our members and their recent business activities.

Steve Curtis – 360 Property Group

Steve Curtis 360 Property Group

We heard first from Steve Curtis of 360 Property Group. He explained more about his company’s eco-friendly approach to development covering elements such as insulation, power, and infra-red heating to name a few elements. Steve also walked us through his design philosophy covering the functional elements, atmosphere, and personality of their buildings.

Peter Vadervennin – The Mortgage Consultancy

Peter Vandervennin

Peter Vandervennin from The Mortgage Consultancy caught us up on the mortgage market. You’d be correct in saying it’s changed again (and likely again since last week’s meet). The team at PIP are running a one-off virtual meeting, Managing the Mortgage Mayhem on the 1st November from 6.30-9.30pm to help us navigate this. If you haven’t already sign up HERE

Ranjit Singh Chaggar – Property Investor News

Rajit Singh Chaggar

Ranjit Singh Chaggar from Property Investor News next spoke about articles within the latest release of the magazine and how to get involved in the publication.

Des Taylor – Landlord Licensing & Defence

Des Taylor

Des Taylor, our very own PIP London co-host next took us through the Decent Homes Standards Consultation to provide an update to members following Maxine Fothergill’s presentation in September. This provided us with associated actions in terms of how to and why we should be completing this consultation.

Josh Munt – Insurance Desk

Josh Munt

Josh Munt from Insurance Desk provided a fab update on the insurance market and some of the challenges landlords are currently facing such as restrictions to cover and premium increases.

Andres Yianni – Crowd Property

Andreas Gianni Crowd Property

Andreas Yianni from Crowd Property next took us through how the market has impacted development finance.

Christine Janaway and Sarah Walker – The Jaws Off The Floor Moment!

Christine Janaway band Sarah walker

I think as a community we love to hear and see everyone within it doing well. One of the reasons I personally feel so aligned with PIP is that it feels like a family that wants to collaborate and celebrate your successes or support you in getting to where you want to be.

I had heard mutterings of a Bradford deal for around 18 months. This month Christine Janaway and Sarah Walker were finally able to share details of probably one of the biggest deals and greatest successes I’ve seen for a while in property, Laisteridge Student Village. I felt incredibly proud of these amazing PIPStars who were creating a WIN WIN WIN for everyone involved in an area with an enormous housing need. Those within the local authority, those needing decent quality housing and support and the local community will all benefit from this project. In an area where there has been no investment from Whitehall into housing stock for 40 years this creative team looked at this site in a different way turning it from a £28 million to a £45 million site (YES you read that correctly) by working with all involved to provide a solution that others hadn’t thought of. My huge heartfelt congratulations again to you all (many PIP members are involved in this deal) and I look forward to hearing about how the project progresses. Please do view this on the MEMBERS ONLY Vault if you missed it, it is a must watch.

We hope to see you next month, Thursday 10th November in London, where we’ll be hearing from our very own Adam Lawrence and Rod Turner getting us ready to Recession Rumble, our sponsors, and Kul Mahay, Founder of Ignite your Inner Potential,  who will be talking about emotional resilience and how this skill can be utilised to support us in getting through a recession.

If you would like to join our thriving community you can do so HERE with our referral offer you get the first month HALF PRICE and the second month FREE, just use JESS MACAULAY when asked at the checkout and use INFO@PARTNERSPROPERTY.COM as the email when asked.

Jess & Des

PIP London