The one where we got the best out of our tax and legal representation

Feb 26, 2024

Partners in Property Bristol’s February event was one of those intensely thought provoking ones, one where you just know that you will be mulling over snippets of conversations and information gathered, for days to come. We had 5 (yes 5) superb presentations from:
Gerard Davis on how to get the best out of your legal representation;
Ahmad Abdul Qayyum sharing a wealth of information and experience about tax and your property business;
Jeff Hillier engaging the whole room in a deal clinic;
A representative from the Clifton Ukrainian Hub showcasing her fantastic animation skills
James Rogers from our sponsors 978 Finance with a very informative and insightful market update, including up to the moment interest and swap rate figures.
The hive mind was fully engaged and the whole room
had a palpable buzz. A huge thank you to our wonderful speakers for delivering amazing amounts of value!
After our round table sessions, we adjourned to nearby Clifton Village, to reflect on the day’s events, over a drink or two 🍷
Next month we get to do it all again on Friday 22nd March, when we will be taking a deep dive into the two topics of promoting your property business on social media and self improvement, with presentations from Rochelle Louise Gilburn and Alec Witts, as well as updates from our sponsors and industry experts.
Partners in Property – for every stage of your property business’ journey!
PiP Bristol’s face to face events are on the fourth Friday of every month – our next one is on Friday 22nd March!