The one where we figured the right mindset and approach to life and business.

May 6, 2024

A superb day hosting Partners in Property Birmingham meetup with our superb hosts Richard Lloyd  and Raj Sharma  with the support throughout the day by PIP founder Sue Sims!
We had a couple of superb presenters – PIP Bham member, Lorcan Donaldson with a fantastic, interactive presentation on getting the most value out of a project – from design to delivery.
And we had all the way from Newcastle Terry Blackburn with an amazing presentation on what he’s managed to achieve from an apprentice on the tools to multiple 6/7 figure business owner and coach – with the right mindset and approach to life and business.
We’d like to say a few words about our sponsors Gerard Davis and James Rogers of TalbotsLaw and 978 Finance respectively. Not only do they give the latest legal news and mortgage updates – they are members turned sponsors. This is a great testament to our community and no meeting is complete without them.
The meeting ended with our round table discussions, Terry’s table was jam packed through the afternoon and the networking and discussions continued well after closing time.
We’d love for you to join us next time – on 7 June where we are going to have a day dedicated to SSAS pensions and how they can be used effectively by investors.