The one where we celebrated 5 years of excellence

May 21, 2024

Celebrating 5 Years of Excellence: PiP London Raises the Roof!

What a fantastic day we had at The Dickins Inn last Thursday, as Partners in Property (PiP) London celebrated five years of property community excellence right in the heart of the city! The event was dedicated to the crucial topic of social housing and saw a room full of experienced property investors eager to learn, inspire, support, and network.

The sun shone brightly on The Dickins Inn, making it the perfect setting for our post-event patio drinks. Important conversations and networking opportunities flowed seamlessly into the early evening, making it a day to remember.

Partners in Property (PiP) is renowned for its monthly full-day meetings, featuring invaluable presentations from well-established and high-caliber professionals who share their expertise across various niches. Each month, diverse topics are explored, providing a wealth of information and discussion. This month’s theme focused on social housing, a topic that sparked significant interest and engagement.

The event followed a structured format with morning presentations and sponsors, a delightful networking lunch, and afternoon round tables. Presenters join each table for in-depth Q&A sessions, allowing attendees to further discuss and dive into the subject matter. The day concludes with additional networking opportunities in the evening, creating a comprehensive and enriching experience for all involved.

Here’s to many more years of learning, networking, and growth with PiP London!