The one that begins with L – Leasehold and LinkedIn. Birmingham, Nov.

Nov 8, 2023

By Raj Sharma,

The October Partners in Property meeting kicked off with an engaging introduction round, allowing attendees to share their backgrounds and interests in property.

This icebreaker sets the tone for the meeting, which is collaborative and encourages a sense of community among participants.

Speaker 1 – Rochelle Gilburn – Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Rochelle delivered an engaging and emotional presentation on how personal tragedy led her to pursue a property career to keep herself occupied. This has grown to delivering over 30 successful BRR projects in her patch in Yorkshire.

She also shared some invaluable tips on using social media to attract her ideal client and how she has grown her following to over 25,000 in a short space of time!

Speaker 2 – Craig Beesley from The Mortgage Consultancy – Mortgage Update

Craig began his presentation by stating that if he could represent the recent mortgage market as a weather map, then the sun would now be appearing in the graphic – brighter days are coming!

Swap rates are decreasing and if you’re a follower of Partners in Property, you will know that means cheaper fixed rate lending.

Craig shared a couple of case studies – an interesting case was the funding and refinance of an air space development of 3 flats above an existing block. The net profit on the deal was close to 1/2 million pounds.

Air space development is a strategy not being widely pursued and there are opportunities here. And The Mortgage Consultancy can help as they like finding solutions!

Speaker 3 – Mark Bruckshaw – Everything Leasehold – The Good, Bad and Ugly!

Mark Bruckshaw from Inspire Property Management knows so much about leasehold property – including the regulations and the management – that he couldn’t possibly have shared EVERYTHING he knows, but the entertaining sessions with many real life examples shined some light on the pitfalls and the good bits!

There were many tips on buying a leasehold – understanding the long term maintenance plan, appointing the right solicitor and buying from a freeholder who are a management company is essential.

Hopefully Mark will return to share more insights into this complex area of property investing!

Why you should Join Next Time:

  • Learning Opportunities: Attendees gained access to exclusive industry knowledge, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions in the property industry.
  • Networking Advantage: The property meeting offers a unique platform for networking with like-minded professionals, creating potential collaborations and business opportunities. Attending face to face is crucial to build relationships.
  • Golden Nuggets: One golden nugget of information can change the direction of your plans!

See you on the next one – 1 December 2023 – and it’s going to be a BIG ONE as it’s PIP Xmas Party Day!