The one about unique ways of finding property deals. Manchester, July 23.

Jul 25, 2023

By Tony Houlihan,
We had a fantastic day on Friday with two great speakers with bags of experience in property in the North West and some great insights for anyone in property.
First up was Julie Whitmore, who has an impressive breadth of property knowledge and experience.  Julie shared some of her personal journey, how she applies that to property, and then delivered a masterclass in Due Diligence, specifically for those investing in others projects and Joint Venture Partnerships.
Next up was Ste Gorman, a property developer that excels in finding the stinkiest houses around!  Lots of brilliant stories including dead cats, some superb case studies and some intriguing ways of generating leads for off market deals, with some hints and tips on systemisation to boot.
Our usual bunch of sponsors and experts were on hand to give updates on the mortgage market, which is changing all the time at the moment!
Some fantastic new guests came along for the first time, who really enjoyed networking with our regular members, speakers and the hosts over our usual fantastic lunch.
Looking forward to next month’s event where we will welcome Ian Welch and Nicky Russell, who are both doing very exciting things in their property businesses currently!