The one about the questions. Birmingham, December 2022.

Dec 6, 2022


By Angela Soong

The last Birmingham PIP meeting of the year and December celebrations brought the PIP community together from far and wide – from Cornwall to California –  all into a day full of speakers, presentations, networking and learning! Many were going on to enjoy the early Christmas PIP Party at the St John’s Hotel in Solihull to boogie the night away and really become the property socialites for the evening!

The day was truly spectacular, with many regional members of Manchester, Bristol, London and Birmingham, joining together all in 1 room.

Our Birmingham host Raj Sharma started the meeting by summarising an extraordinary year in numbers. 2022 saw 2 monarchs, 3 Prime Ministers, 4 Chancellors, 8 Bank of England base rates – and a World Cup in December! But we got through an extraordinary year together as a community and we will face 2023 together, well informed and well prepared!

Then our Birmingham co-Host Angela Soong started the introduction process of welcoming members and guests and inviting them to introduce themselves so they can find connections. Who knows where a conversation may take you?

Gerard Davis: Member Showcase

Kicking off our first presentation was B’ham member Gerard Davis. Gerard is a solicitor by trade as well as a property investor and developer. He has created a niche through acquiring “short” leases and through the paperwork exercise of extending them, he has created a fantastic business model of acquiring leasehold properties by financing the purchase and extension at the end value. He’s done this with very little money in and with vendor finance! Definitely a person to speak to about this strategy!

Ranjit Singh Chaggar

Ranjit always brings us joy in why we should be subscribing to Property Investor News. The giggles he brings are a big welcome to what he has prepared to say.

Pinder Dhaliwal

Falcon Insurance – Insuring your Property Portfolio- Pinder was not in the room that day, but his message in the last few meetings has been to make sure our properties are not under insured. Speak to a broker and don’t try to DIY it!

Featured Speaker: Ritchie Clapson“How to have your best recession ever”

Richie is a PIP favourite with his witty and entertaining presentations. He is clearly a winner in the development of our mindset and why we need to discover and follow our purpose, dreams, goals and vision – and a plan to get there. He explained even after becoming successful and exiting his business an entrepreneur hardly ever enjoys the retirement life for long. Richie discovered his purpose was to help others achieve their dreams with his wealth of knowledge and experience and he does that through his Property CEO Programme. 2023 will present a big opportunity in the world of commercial property development – one not to be missed!

The presentation was entertaining and funny with some heckling from Adam Lawrence and Jay Howard at the back of the room!

The panel of 3: Adam Lawrence, Alicia Barlow and Jay Howard: Ask US Anything

This was just superb as exclaimed by our members.

The quality of the questions from our members never ceases to amaze us –  answered brilliantly by the experts in their industry. Alica, our Manchester host who has a B2L portfolio and now acquires assets-based businesses, Jay Howard with his knowledge in the auction houses and Adam Lawrence, Mr Economy, prolific landlord and investor amongst other things including writing the Sunday Supplement. (if you haven’t subscribed yet, you should)!

All of them brought in their thoughts, knowledge, and experience.

We had questions about auctions, EPC requirements and implications for landlords and the renting sector in 2023, We could have gone on forever, but running out of time, we went to the buffet lunch but with one golden nugget from Adam – HOLD ON TO YOUR ASSETS!

See you all again soon and we will do it all again next year!