The one about the future of the PRS and back-to-back trading. PIP London.

Feb 14, 2023


By, Jessica Macaulay.

I know I say this every month but genuinely what a meeting. Feb 2023 saw the biggest room at PIP London for as long as I can remember with people travelling from every PIP location and a tonne of new members joining us too. Thanks to everyone who travelled and its
fantastic to see the community continue to grow.

We kicked off the day with Ben Beadle, the CEO of the NRLA. If you missed it, please do watch this back on The Vault because it’s essential listening for all landlords and active members of the PRS, it was an utter PIP highlight for me. It was fascinating to hear more about how Ben is leading the team at the NRLA, supporting landlords and working with the government to create a successful and effective PRS. I can hand on heart say that everyone in the room sat up and listened. Ben and the team are here to back quality landlords who exist to provide quality homes. We heard that focus areas such as antisocial behaviour and student lets are currently key targets as well as the organisation’s growth in general. We look forward to seeing this all develop and supporting the NRLA’s growth over the coming months.

Craig Beesley from The Mortgage Consultancy updated us following the recent base rate rise. They are experiencing rapid and daily changes to the mortgage market with rates dropping. There are currently rates under 4% however, where rates are dropping, fees are going up. Craig reminded us to look at the whole picture when it comes to mortgages currently. Are you looking for month on month cashflow or could you add more to the mortgage?

Kerri Johnson from Insurance-Desk next walked us through what they’re seeing within the insurance market. She highlighted how important it is to work with your broker to check the correct reinstatement value for your portfolio. In addition, if you’re moving away from
standard BTLs and introducing alternative tenant types such as HMOs / serviced accommodation, don’t forget to tell your broker.

Jay Howard and Dominic Ormonroyd discussed a recent back-to-back commercial to residential trading deal. Dom’s words about leaving nothing on the table are still ringing in my ears. Whilst the story has many twists and turns and isn’t over yet, it made me realise that these boys had optimised this deal to its absolute maximum. Be sure to catch up on this one the level of detail shared is fantastic.

Ranjit Singh Chagger next delighted us with his pearls of wisdom as he talked about Property Investor News and some of the more recent articles available to subscribers.

All the presentations will be available for members who could not attend on the PIP Vault. 

Next month we are meeting at the Dickens Inn on Thursday the 9th of March, 9.30-4pm. We will be hearing from our sponsors as well as being joined by keynotes Ritchie Clapson from Property CEO and Paul David from Nimbus Maps. If you’re interested in becoming a member and joining us, please visit the membership page here.

See you next month, Jess and Des.