The One About The Award Winning Investor. December 2022.

Dec 29, 2022


By Alicia Barlow

With Christmas looming and the lurgy upon us, Manchester was a little quieter than usual this month… but boy, did we have some incredible fact packed fun!

With the fear of recession still fresh in the headlines, it was great to have experienced speakers, showcasing how they are combating the elements and continuing to grow through 2023.

Welcoming our newest Sponsor, Mish Liyanage from the Mistoria Group. The business group founded over 13 years ago is incredibly impressive. Symbiotic services ranging from Property Investment, particularly HMO through to accountancy, construction, lettings and much much more! We are very excited to have them on board in partnership with PIP for 2023!

Our headline speaker today, Caroline Pattinson, was such an extraordinary speaker. Her intensive banking experience has played such a pivotal role in her approach to the property acquisition and operation… no wait her “secret sneak” into property 😊 Caroline’s passion for her investments, tenants and every other key stakeholder involved in her business has led to the incredible purpose and pride that is embraced in the presentation.

Creating a tenant focused community in her HMO portfolio, is inspiring and pioneering. The results speak for themselves; zero voids, zero disruption and a very healthy profit from her investments for over 27 years! Caroline is a powerhouse and her top tip for 2023 was to review what investments you have, protect them, add value where you can and de-risk, de-risk, de-risk!

Even more exciting times ahead for Caroline, as she is currently developing and restoring a Grade II listed Chapel… watch this space!

This month we changed tack and introduced an open panel for Q&A, made up of Adam Lawrence, Tony Houlihan and Alicia Barlow. We opened the floor to questions, including a particular deal from our member Stephen, who has an offer accepted on a property with serious subsidence and he needed some advice. Quantifying the advice from the panel, Stephen has most likely saved over £350,000!!

Other topics discussed were SA and potential regulations being introduced, what they may include and the impact soon. Also, how buying asset backed businesses is an aim for 2023; as they allow for greater cashflow whilst simultaneously asset building!

This month’s meeting is well worth a catch up on the Vault.

Looking forward to the New Year, we are excited to have Kirsty Darkins building wealth with commercial property and Saif Rehan presenting on his ultra-high-quality HMOs in Manchester.

Finally, wishing all our members, sponsors and Partners a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wishing you joyful times with your families, friends and loved ones.