The One About Running Successful Businesses. Bristol, March 23.

Mar 27, 2023

By Angie Nicholls.

Friday’s PiP Bristol face to face event was all about “the business of running a business” and at a time when buying businesses and” controlling the property value chain” is ever popular, it was fantastic to hear from two PiP stalwarts, Sue Sims and Peregrine Nicholls, about their experiences in owning and running generational businesses. The room was jam packed full and the feedback has been phenomenal, so a huge thank you to them both, for adding so much value for our Bristol members!

First up was Sue Sims, with a very candid presentation all about her experiences growing up in business. Sue comes from an entrepreneurial family, and it was wonderful to hear about the many different business which had brought Sue to property and the lessons that this generational business has taught her. Sue gave a candid and at times emotional account of her family’s business which left the whole room spellbound.

Next up we heard from Craig Beesley, of The Mortgage Consultancy. Craig began by addressing the room with a motivational account from his own experience with a call to action, to remember what had brought us all . He then went on to give an in depth account of the state of the market and what the current news regarding the increase in bank rates means for us. Having good quality information, from very experienced professionals like Craig is crucial, especially at this time and he did not disappoint!

After coffee, John Cox, from Insurance Desk was up next, to give us some case studies, product information and a few notes of caution. Insurance Desk are a great bunch of guys, highly experienced and hugely knowledgeable in the industry, especially for those non standard and unusual insurance requests.

Our second keynote speaker of the day, Peregrine Nicholls, took to the floor next, to give us his key insights, from decades of running generational and legacy businesses. Peregrine spoke about business fundamentals, what you need to know as a business owner and how to grow your business. He also spoke about the importance of evolution and sustainability in generational and legacy businesses.  It was great to hear these experiential nuggets, from someone who has been running several businesses, in disparate market sectors, for the past 40 years!

Last but not least, we heard from Josh Thompson, of Crowd Property, with a state of the market update. Josh is a surveyor at Crowd Property, so it is always super helpful to hear his views about the state of the market, together with real life case studies from his day to day, providing game changing property development finance.

Lunch followed with an opportunity to network, after which, it was our favourite part of the day, the round table discussions; where our speakers, industry professionals and sponsors made themselves available for some very candid conversations. We always encourage our members to leave no expert “under grilled” and no question un-asked and, once again, these sessions provided large amounts of value for our members.

Our next meeting is on Friday 28th April, when the theme for the day is “A career move to property – portable skill sets.”

Partners in Property – our members call it their happy property place, come and join us, with your first month half price, to find out what they mean!