The one about product development and sector opportunities. London, April.

Apr 17, 2023


By Jess Macaulay.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this April. With it being Easter holidays, we expected a lot of you to be on holiday or unavailable, but we were delighted that so many of you were able to join us or travel to London from other PIP locations to April’s meeting. 

We kicked off the day with a property expert panel. We heard from our PIP founders Adam Lawrence and Sue Sims, joined with Peter Vandervennin from the Mortgage Consultancy to chat about what they are currently seeing in the sector or how their approach is changing. There were discussions around ensuring there are multiple exits within property deals, looking at asset backed businesses, ensuring strategies such as social housing stack up versus buy-to-let now that single let rents are as high as they are. Predictions around when the mortgage market would settle as well as various questions posed by our members. Check out the lively discussion on the Vault.

Ranjit Singh Chagger next delighted us with his pearls of wisdom as he talked about Property Investor News and some of the more recent articles available to subscribers. 

After a quick coffee John Cox from Insurance-Desk helped us with our property insurance needs and minimising our risk. As always, he mentioned how important it is to get your rebuild values assessed and check that they are up to date. Insurance costs are increasing but he reminded us to consider this as an investment rather than an expense when you compare the cost to the asset value. If you’re doing anything unusual (tenant type/ works etc.) don’t forget to tell your broker. 

Nico Rensch from Wunderhaus was our keynote speaker at April’s meeting. He shared a fascinating tale of product development. His team sought to move the business away from high end architectural property design five years ago with billionaire clients to use their design skills to impact a wider audience. This involved creating an entirely new property product, disrupting the development sector and challenging national house builders. Highlighting that the building industry hasn’t really changed the way it’s built houses; their aspiration was to come as close as they could to a replicable and well-designed development product versus just building a house the traditional way. With extensive work and strategies, it really was a pleasure to hear how it has been developed and the design was a beauty to behold, as well as being incredibly energy efficient, rapid to build and with a target on small to medium scale developers. I really would recommend for everyone to catch up on this talk on the vault, fascinating and it will be exciting to see how this develops. 

Peter Vandervennin from the Mortgage Consultancy next discussed the recent rate rise and the impact this has had on the mortgage market. He identified that there is a lot happening within lending, with many lenders beginning to think outside of the square to become more competitive.

All the presentations will be available for members that could not attend on the PIP Vault.

Next month we are meeting at the Dickens Inn on Thursday the 11th of May, 9.30-4pm with networking post meeting. We will be hearing from our sponsors as well as being joined by our keynote speakers, PIP Bristol Hosts Angie and Ben Nicholls from KPA Property who will be discussing purchasing businesses within the property value chain as well as Dorian Payne who will be sharing insights from his property business, Castell Group. If you’re interested in becoming a member and joining us, please visit the membership page here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all next month, Jess and Des.