The One About Problem Solving In Property…(And a New Co-Host!) PIP Manchester Friday 21st October

Oct 25, 2022


By Tony Houlihan

The Manchester Meeting was buzzing this month, with some great speakers, a new co-host, and lots of new faces, who joined the regulars!

Speaker 1 – Jen Harrison

Jen Harrison

Jen shared her brilliant story of setting up and growing multiple businesses, her jet set life as a DJ, and the story of setting up her now multi-million pound construction business from her hospital bed, had the members hanging on every word.
With some superb projects under their belt, Jens construction business is going from strength to strength and with her passion for quality and down to earth approach it’s no wonder why.

Speaker 2 – Zoe Conning

Zoe Conning
Zoe shared her business journey, and some of the challenges she has overcome along the way – some superb shares here, and it was fantastic to hear some real life examples of what can and will happen in property management, and why you need an expert in your corner, and how to find one in the first place!
Zoe also shared the the things that she is passionate about outside of property and was great to hear about the different businesses Zoe operates in the Crewe area.

New Co – Host – Tony Houlihan

Tony Houlihan

I gave a very quick introduction to the group on my background, shared some of the property projects I have worked on over the last few years, and many of the challenges that have gone with it!
I am delighted to have been asked to join the PIP host team in Manchester, and we are working very hard in the background to line up some more amazing speakers for the upcoming events!

Experts and roundtables

Our sponsors also gave us some fantastic insights into what is going on in the finance and insurance markets, we are very lucky to have some amazing experts join us at our monthly meetings – some really valuable stuff to keep up to date with.
We finished the day with our roundtables, which covered lots of different topics including buying businesses, what type of projects people are looking for, and how telling everyone what you do in property can lead to some brilliant results!

Our next meeting

The next meeting is on Friday 18th November at Together in Cheadle, and we have some cracking speakers lined up.
Richard and Rebecca from Leonis Estates will be sharing their property story with us, which started with a single Serviced Accomodation unit, has now grown into a superb portfolio, a great brand and SA operation, that has allowed them both to transition into property full time, and some of the exciting projects they are working on now
Clive from Joules Estate Agents will be going deep on the Stockport property market, sharing his thoughts on the outlook for 2023, in sales, lettings and development.  Clives experience spans a lot of ups and downs in the property market and his finger is well and truly on the pulse of the local market!
If you are interested in joining the PIP community, please find the various options for membership here, we hope to see you soon!
Tony and Alicia