The one about Life by Design. PIP Bristol, July 2023.

Jul 31, 2023

By Angie Nicholls


With 7 new members plus visitors from other PiP locations in the room on Friday, for a day full of content, PiP Bristol’s July event was standing room only and buzzing from start to finish. The Bristol community continues to grow, going from strength to strength, lighting up the Bristol property scene, with an unparalleled breadth of experience and some wonderful collaborations and relationships forming – pushing and supporting each other to achieve success!

The theme for the day on Friday was “Life by Design”- aimed at the property investor, in the driving seat, as the business owner.

Our first presentation was from Tim Matcham, suitably entitled “life by design.” With a high energy room such as PiP Bristol, it’s unusual to experience total silence, but you could have heard a pin drop, as 50 people tuned in and gave this fascinating and thought-provoking presentation their undivided attention. With vulnerable honesty and candour, Tim guided us through his thoughts, feelings, and experiences on achieving a life of balance and purpose, tailored around the things that truly matter to you. This was a fabulous presentation which I know will stay with us all, promoting deep thought for long after Friday’s meeting – thank you Tim!

Next up was David Salomon from Crowd Property, with a state of the market presentation. Steering the focus back to property, David took to the floor with a presentation full of data, graphs, statistics and information from case studies and the very heart of the everyday property investor. David talked us through where we are now, how this compares to where we have been historically and, what is likely for the short-, medium- and long-term future. It was good to see some positivity in David’s presentation and reaffirms the importance of obtaining your information from good quality sources – thank you David, for a really detailed and data rich presentation!

Following David, we heard next from Dan Berlin, from Bristol Council, about the efforts that the Council are making, to work with local landlords looking to house Ukrainian Refugees. Dan spoke passionately about how he had been working closely with the Bristol Ukranian community to help their housing problem. Our very own Angie Nicholls, PiP Partner and co-host of the Bristol PiP event, has spent time with the Clifton Ukrainian hub, in helping them to understand how they can go about making themselves eligible to enter the PRS, with regard to Right to Rent, affordability and rent guarantees and she knows, first hand, what super people they are and, how keen that are to become useful contributors and full time members of the Bristol community. Dan spoke about the financial and practical support that the council can offer both the Ukrainian people themselves and private landlords who want to work together to help solve this housing crisis. It was clear that this was a topic close to Dan’s heart, and that he had listened to landlords’ needs, as we heard his presentation. Many thanks Dan, we really enjoyed meeting you and feel sure that there will be several members that will reach out, in the weeks and months ahead.

After Dan, we heard from Simon Chaplin, Bristol member and Estate Planning Consultant, about estate planning and asset protection. Simon gave a fabulous presentation with huge amounts of information about how to plan for the worst, protecting and safeguarding yours and your loved one’s positions in the event of your death or incapacitation. Simon managed to achieve the impossible, in taking a difficult subject and, with sensitivity and humour, turn it into a presentation that received chuckles from the room. This is another presentation that will roll around our heads for days and weeks to come. Thank you very much Simon, for a superb and extremely thought-provoking talk!

The penultimate presentation, from this jam-packed day, was from our fabulous sponsors The Mortgage Consultancy and the superstar that is Peter Vandervennin. Peter has huge amounts of experience, in both the mortgage world, and as a property investor himself, and this has been indispensable over this last year, as interest rates have soared, and many deals have “fallen out of bed.” We have looked to Peter for his sound advice and experience, and he has not left us disappointed! Today, he told us about where we are with mortgage rates, swap rates and the state of the market and gave some of his characteristic wise words for where he feels the market is headed and where we should be looking, as investors. Thank you, Peter, for yet another presentation full of sound and actionable advice!

And last but never least we heard from the fabulous John Cox, of Insurance Desk, who managed to deliver 14 slides in 10 minutes, with his inimitable high energy and sharp-witted style, all about the property insurance market. With some case studies in the mix, together with what John is seeing in the market today, we heard about some pitfalls to avoid, together with new products that we can use to our advantage. John’s company, Insurance Desk, specialise in unusual and quirky, hard to insure products and are firm favourites of many in the room – so it was great to hear from these market leaders, keeping one step ahead of all things insurance related. Thanks John, your presentations always cause a stir and a chuckle, as well as being super informative!

After an hour’s lunch and networking, it was time for our favourite part of the day, our renowned, expert led, round table sessions. Here, our members get the opportunity to grill our guests, experts, and sponsors and to ask those all-important, candid, questions.

After three sessions of round tables, it was time to adjourn to the Avon Gorge, for drinks and more networking, over a glass of wine and a pizza!

Friday was fast, furious, and fabulous and gave us food for thought and conversations to be had, for many weeks to come.

AND, we get to do it all again, on Friday 25th August, with a more traditional, property centred day, entitled “Deals, Deals, Deals” all about finding and funding deals, in these difficult market conditions!

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