The one about creating property businesses. Manchester, May23.

May 24, 2023

By Tony Houlihan.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at May’s meeting, the Manchester crew had a great day with several guests joining us for the first time, as well as a few fantastic speakers, and our regular sponsors and experts all on hand at Together HQ.

First up we had John Lee, Development Director of Ascot Homes.  John has an impressive career in housebuilding, starting as a engineer, then a Quantity Surveyor for several different property development business, and went on to become Commercial Director for several large regional housebuilders in the North West.

18 months ago he was snapped up by a Land Company, who were looking to embark on their first major housebuilding development and create Ascot Homes.  John shared his experiences of getting involved in the whole process, managing build costs and labour, dealing with funding, some red tape from the local authorities, and disposal issues that have been challenges to overcome throughout the process.

It was a very honest and open presentation and definitely one to catch up on in the vault if you’re interested in new build developments!

Next up was Rochelle Gilburn, who shared her very inspiring story of how she has managed to overcome some personal tragedy, and turn it into a catalyst to build a successful business in property over the past couple of years.

Young mum of two, a martial arts enthusiast, who has also managed to consistently source properties month in month our for herself and her investors.  She has so far clocked up 25 projects in just over two years – not bad going at all in the market of the last few years!

She shared some tips on how to grow a social media following, how she stacks her deals, and how she has built successful and strong relationships with investors and agents to grow her business.

We then had a really useful update from our sponsor Steve Ryan from the Mistoria Group on the renters reform bill, some really useful insights and he got plenty of questions from the landlords in the group.

All the presentations will be available for members that could not attend on the PIP Vault.

We have some fantastic speakers lined up for the next few months and myself and Alicia would love to see some more PIP Members join the meetings from far and wide, it doesn’t always rain up north, promise!!