The one about coming to property from another career. Bristol, April 23

May 1, 2023

By Angie Nicholls

The fourth Friday of every month is always our favourite day of the month and April’s was no exception, as the Bristol PiP community came together, for our face to face event,  with a deep dive into the subject of transferrable skills, and coming to property from another career path.

First up was Jessica Macaulay, our wonderful London host, talking about her varied career (which began in academia, as a scientist) and how she has utilised attributes learned from each career move, in her property career today. Jess is an investor who loves to find win/win solutions and niche markets, and there were lots of learning points for the room in her presentation.

Next up we heard from Peter Vandervennin, from The Mortgage Consultancy, with a mortgage update, strategy spotlight and some very exciting news about a new lender, who is coming to market with some investor specific products, to help unlock deals which are tough to finance. Peter has been working closely with this lender for some time, designing these products and this was very good news all round!

John Cox, from Insurance Desk was up next, with his monthly round up of all things insurance related. John discussed a few recent case studies and advised us of new and relevant products on the market.

Last but not least, we heard from our fabulous Birmingam host, Raj Sharma. Ex KPMG and Deloitte, Raj is always ahead of the game on the figures, he now runs his own print business and has a large and varied property portfolio. It was very interesting to hear about his person centred approach to property investing and how he finds deals in some unexpected places. Again, lots of learning points for the room on this one, from a very sound and experienced businessman and investor.

After lunch, it was time for our favourite part of the day – the round table discussions, where our presenters, industry experts and sponsors made themselves available for some very candid conversations with our community members.

There were some fabulous wins in the room this month, some of which the whole community had been supporting for many months and, when we adjourned to nearby Clifton village, we raised our glasses in celebration and continued our conversations,  until the sun went down!

And next month we get to do it all again, with a PiP Panel and live quick fire Q&A from Rod Turner, Sue Sims and Ben Nicholls – “a rose between two thorns.” Come and leverage almost 50 years of property experience, from different ends of the property spectrum. The date for your  diary is Friday 26th May, at The Engineer’s House, Clifton Down. If you’re not a member, you can join us here with your first month half price.

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