The One About Celebrating Our Members & Being Five!! – PIP Birmingham October 7th

Oct 11, 2022

By Angela Soong


🎉Celebrations 🎊

The meeting was not only the usual Birmingham PIP but also a chance to celebrate 5 whole years of PIP which was founded with it’s Birmingham meet-up and now meets at 4 locations across the UK as well as digitally, every single month! We host our Birmingham meetings at Avery Fields in Edgbaston.

We wanted to celebrate our members and so our main presentations this month were only Members Showcases, and their journeys into the property world!

Combined with the taster snippet reels from our speakers presenting, that went out weeks prior to this day, It really tempted new members to join , members eager to network, get the latest updates and hear the speakers for the day. and other regional members and even host to attend the live event. I can tell you it’s been the most entertaining, adventurous memoirs of the speakers journey. Members always gain so much from the room and  learn about property trends trends (so they can stay ahead and make the best investment decisions,) and also gain good contacts that may help with their property projects.


The introductions round where everyone has a short few sentences to introduce themselves to other members is always a great way to start the networking event. Letting others know what you specialise in or what you are looking for in the meeting can help you to connect with the right people to help you. Our strategies and projects are always changing because we are a very active property community.

Daniel Kennedy: 10 Million in 10 Years

Daniel Kennedy’s members showcase was so entertaining. The beginning of his career in the army earned him the PIP “Dan-Bo” title for spending too much time sleeping anywhere and everywhere, but then almost lost his life when he was attacked, and he shared with us the effect that ‘near too death’ experience had on him. It was very inspiring especially because he is so humble despite his goal to build a £0 to £10million portfolio  within 10 year. He shared with us that he is in his 7th year of the plan and currently on target!  He still chooses to not change much of his lifestyle, despite his success.

Craig Beesley – Mortgage Update