The One About Auctions – Bristol 28th October 22

Nov 9, 2022


By Angela Nicholls


October’s PiP Bristol meeting had a distinct and discernible energy, with lots of new faces, visitors from other PiP groups, as well as our more familiar faces, coming together for our October monthly face to face event. Bristol PiP continues to grow and expand and it’s fantastic to watch the community go from strength to strength, with partnerships and friendships blossoming! This month’s meeting had an auction theme and the whole room was enthralled by our experienced panel, with questions coming fast and furious from every side of the room.


Peter Vandervennin


First up we had Peter Vandervennin take to the floor with a subject on everyone’s lips – interest rates. It’s not an easy time out there right now, with rates changing rapidly and many property deals falling out of bed because the figures just don’t stack up. At these times, quality information is crucial and, Peter’s sage advice, based on 40 years experience in the business, is invaluable.


Tom Puris


Next up we had a member’s showcase from Bristol PiP member Tom Puris. Tom is one of those super property investors who just puts the work in, and is dogged in his determination to find the deal. Tom spoke about the importance of goals and in continuing to push forward – especially at this time of year. He told us how he had set himself a series of goals, stuck to them and, about the deal that had ensued. Congratulations Tom, you are such a force to be reckoned with and we can all learn something from you and your steely resolve to succeed!


Josh Thompson


Next we heard from Josh Thompson of Crowd Property and, this month he turned his attention to the financing of HMOs. Josh is a surveyor at Crowd Property and it is always fabulous to hear from him, because he brings experiential nuggets, from “the Crowd Property Cutting Room Floor” and speaks about real case studies from his desk.


Adam Lawrence, Tom Howells, Ed Clynes


Last but not least, we had our panel of auction pundits – Messrs. Lawrence, Howells and Clynes discussing all things auction related. Questions came from all sides of the room, including some that members had sent in. It was great to hear from Adam’s wide experience of the auction room – and his take on it was, unsurprisingly, out of the box; Ed showed us how an action taker approaches the auction space, with tenacity and focus – and Tom answered all the legal questions covering the legal pack in detail, he also helped us see things from a lender’s perspective. The whole panel were tremendous and we all learned so much about a side of property investing that many find mysterious and sometimes a little scary!


Our round table sessions followed, after lunch, and, as with every month, no question was left un-asked and no expert left un-grilled – just the way we like it!


AND next month we get to do it all again, with an in depth look at adding real value with design – from three different perspectives; Interior, Structural and Aesthetically Inclusive, with presentations from three experts in their field.


If you’d like to come and see what a real property community feels like ………..