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2nd Thursday of the month

PIP London...The Place To Be

Located in one of the most exclusive and scenic parts of London; The Dickens Inn in St. Katherine’s Dock is home to PiP London. The London Room buzzes with energy and with two superb hosts and some incredibly experienced and motivated PiP members, it’s the place to be for serious property individuals, intentional about their success.

Fun fact – PiP London members accounted for one third of the award winners, in all categories at The Property Investor Awards 2023, including Property Investor of the Year!

Meet Your Hosts

Our very own Sue Sims has been investing in property for over 30 years and has a varied portfolio of Single Lets, HMOs, Social Housing and Freehold Blocks. She is also the founder and partner of Genie Homes, the largest HMO Letting Agency in the midlands with over 1000 tenancies under management. Above all else though, Sue Sims is a very proud founder and partner of PIP, building a genuine community of investors who support each other to share knowledge and experience.

Jess Macaulay has a PhD in materials science and was a management consultant in the energy sector to support businesses in driving science and technology innovation and sector growth. She then ran and owned a number of strategic business consultancies, spanning sectors that include engineering, science, sport and health. She’s been involved in a number of start up businesses but has since focused on property investment and development full time, making her first investment in 2008. She has a particular focus on complex deals that include auction purchases and multi unit freehold block developments.

A Real Community

PIP’s mission is simple… to build a genuine community of property investors, who are there to help and support each other with ZERO UPSELL… Those who get it, get it and we know that we are not the community for everyone, only those who share PIP’s values.

The Dickens Inn, on stunning St Katerines Dock, is home to PiP London’s community day, every 2nd Thursday of the month. This historical building on Marble Quay, is a favourite of the members, as it not only looks after us perfectly, with a spacious meeting room, and buffet style lunch, but it also has a great bar downstairs allowing the PIP London members to have a jam-packed day and continue networking into the early evening!

An Invite from Your Host

A message from your host Jess Macaulay

Date: 11th July 2024
Location: Dickens Inn, E1W 1UH
Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm
Speaker: Rochelle Gilburn

Managing director of Gilburn Property Group. She has successfully completed more than 26 property projects over the past several years, specializing in buy, refurbish, refinance. She offers a service that is personal to you. She enjoys getting to know her clients and building long term relationships. Supported by a strong team of industry experts, She will make your money work for you.

She loves to hear how investing in property has changed clients quality of life, giving them more freedom to do the things they love. That is why she has also built a social media following of 25,000, which she uses to connect with investors and share her knowledge of property investment, mindset and life.

Speaker: Ahmad Abdul Qayyum

Ahmad is a chartered accountant and property tax specialist with a passion for business and tech. He helps business owners within the Built Environment to get a better handle on their business finances and taxes. His clients range from Landlords, Property Investors and Developers; to Construction and Trades businesses; and Architects and Surveyors

His services include helping people to control their business finances  and bringing their business finances into the 21st century. He assists in putting up systems in place to track income, expenditure, business profitability and cash flow in real-time.

He also helps businesses  optimize their tax position, so they don’t pay any more tax than they need to.

He can also Develop long-term plans to secure businesses’ futures. which makes sure that investors have planned for their retirement so they can enjoy their life and ultimately leave a legacy for their loved ones.


A message from your host Jess Macaulay