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PIP Birmingham...The Place To Be

The original event, celebrating its seventh birthday in 2024. PiP Birmingham is home to some fabulous community members and two incredible hosts! Some of the friendliest and most experienced property people in the biz, the brummies are a great bunch and a warm welcome is assured at PiP Birmingham.

Fun fact – although PiP Birmingham is the place where some of the most prolific property traders, portfolio builders and property industry thought leaders come to network, you would never know, until you got to know them – the Brummies are an exceptional yet humble bunch!

Meet Your Hosts

The hosts of our Birmingham event are the brilliant Raj Sharma & Richard Lloyd, both very experienced investors & business owners.

Raj Sharma – ex Chartered Accountant, grew up around family businesses and has been running his own design and print company since 2003. Started a property business in 2018 to create a second source of income and a family legacy. Specialism is sourcing,  designing, developing and self managing small HMOs for professional tenants.

Richard is a full time property developer. The core of his portfolio is HMOs in Bristol which he self manages. Currently he also has a new-build JV project and separately an apart-hotel under construction in the north west. He enjoys the personal and business connections made through property.

A Real Community

PIP’s mission is simple… to build a genuine community of property investors, who are there to help and support each other with ZERO UPSELL… Those who get it, get it and we know that we are not the community for everyone, only those who share PIP’s values.

The Silhilians Sports and Social Centre in Copt Heath, near Solihull, is home to PiP Birmingham’s community day, every 1st Friday of the month. This lovely spacious building, which is centrally located and just off the M42, is a favourite of the Birmingham members – it’s the place where the whole community began and is within easy reach of members from Birmingham, the Midlands and an easy commute for those members travelling from other parts of the country too. This is a community with strong bonds and close ties and monthly events often spill into impromptu drinks, as the day’s networking continues into early evening for our Birmingham PiP members!

An Invite from Your Host

A message for you from your host Raj

Date: Friday 5th July 2024
Location: Silhilians Conference Centre, B93 9LW
Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm
Speaker: Adam Lawrence

Adam’s corporate career was in Wealth Management for boutique investment firms in Switzerland, and also included a role as a cross-business consultant for one of the UK’s top 10 lenders. He also ran a betting syndicate for 5 years between 2006 and 2010. Adam’s property career started in earnest in 2011 and since then he has been involved in over 550 UK properties, from flats purchased for £23k to portfolios of 91 properties at a time, and everything in between. The goal has been to buy at good value, add value, and then refinance and hold on – there has been some development, and sale, along the way but 90% has been to retain. Adam has shares in a number of trading business interests focused around property support services and is privileged to work with people who he considers to be amongst the top lettings agents in the country.

Speaker: Shane Traynor

Shane Traynor, based in Birmingham, England, is a seasoned professional in property development and investment. He currently co-directs Co Arch, where he has led over 80 innovative residential projects, and Land Solution Specialists, assisting landowners in maximizing their land’s value.  His previous roles include Business Development Manager at New Home Company and founder of Traynor Investments, focusing on property and land acquisitions for high-net-worth individuals. Shane’s career is marked by his commitment to enhancing property assets and fostering community connections through strategic and innovative approaches.

A message for you from your host Raj