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Introduction To Social Housing – Full Seminar Recording!

Introduction to social Housing
Everything you ever wanted to know about social housing is here in this long awaited recording of our 2022 Introduction to Social Housing Seminar. With social housing under so much scrutiny right now getting it right is absolutely key.
Between them the speakers will give you the nuts and bolts of everything you need to know to decide whether social housing is the business model for you, the landlord
  • Peter Vandervennin, the MD of The Mortgage Consultancy gives a presentation about what you need to know to obtain a mortgage for social housing and why there is a such a small pool of lenders
  • Pinder Singh Dhaliwal, the MD of Falcon Insurance talks about the importance of instructing your broker correctly, so that you have the correct insurance policy in place. DSS tenants are not the same as leasing your house to a social housing provider
  • Kristy Brown  shares her experience about the due diligence you need to do when choosing a provider to work with.
  • Amy Varle speaks about the big picture and where she sees social housing going in the future.
  • Racine Thomas and Rebecca Parke from R & R Property Services Ltd advise everyone how a reputable and ethical social housing provider works and how they support their clients
  • Sue Sims gives a run down on how she found social housing, why she started to diversify her portfolio into social housing and how the numbers work. She also shares her tips on how to find social housing providers in your area.
By listening to all of these presentations you will walk away with the nuts and bolts to be able to do the same in your investment area.

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