PIP London – The one about Compliance and the Biggest PRS Rental Reform for decades

Sep 13, 2022

By Jess Macaulay London Host

PIP London Thursday

London PIP

The 8th of September 2022 was a monumental day for many reasons. On the day that Liz Truss announced a two-year energy bill cap we also hosted Septembers PIP London at the Dickins Inn. A day focused on regulatory change and compliance saw two key industry talks from our guest speakers. If you missed it, you can catch up online on The Vault (only if you’re a member though…hint…sign up for the detail and join us next month, we’d love to have you).

Maxine Fothergill

We kicked off the day with Maxine Fothergill, ex ARLA President 2022. On the day after Nicola Sturgeon announced a rent freeze and eviction ban until March 2023 in Scotland, Maxine took us through one of the biggest changes for landlords that we have seen for decades, the White Paper titled ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector’. It is recommended that landlords review this as the consensus is it’s here to stay. With changes that include the abolishment of Section 21, the application of the Decent Homes Standard to the PRS for the first time, the introduction of a new Property Portal to help landlords understand their obligations and a new housing ombudsman for private landlords it will no doubt have a major impact on our sector. With such enormous changes heading towards us it is up to us to respond and comment on consultations. PIP will be working with organisations such as the NRLA and ARLA to bring this to our members for comment where we are able.

Phil Turtle
Next up was Phil Turtle from Landlord Licensing and Defence. What ensued was a serious talk on the possible perils that can occur within licensing and selective licensing scenarios. It was apparent to see that some landlords fail to see the bigger picture by cutting corners in these significant areas and the enormous impact this can have on businesses when not undertaken correctly. Phil is also an expert in HHSRS so he walked our delegates through various areas of risks and compliance relating to fire safety and the devastating consequences these can have when not managed correctly. A fantastically informative piece which I would encourage all members to view if you missed it.

PIP London September

Spliced in between our keynote speakers were our sponsors with their usual informative market insights. This month we were joined by Peter Vandervennin from The Mortgage Consultancy outlining the speed that the market is changing with rates being changed/ removed from the market daily. Kerri Johnson from Insurance-Desk took us through the updates in the property insurance market and of course Ranjit Singh Chaggar from Property Investor News with the latest industry insights.

It would be remiss of me to not mention that this London meet was the day that we also lost our long serving Monarch. Regardless of whether you are a Royalist or not she has been a long serving constant in our lives. It was a strange observation to be at The Dickins with the PIP crew when the news came in. When I’m asked where I was, I’ll remember watching this news trickle through the venue whilst we were celebrating a successful property day, impacting some and some not, the day our monarchy changed.

Jess and Des – London hosts.

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