PIP In Numbers..Happy Birthday PIP Birmingham 5 Years Old!!!

Sep 20, 2022





Ok so PIP Birmingham is something of the grandaddy of PIP.. The first meeting was Tuesday September 12th 2017!!! It is form the Birmingham meeting that PIP nationwide was born.

Adam Lawrence and Sue Sims were the founding partners (having met, themselves, at a property networking event!) Sue a self confessed hater of networking became a quick convert to the benefits of networking and soon set up PIP with Adam . At the heart of  its ethos it is designed for property people just like them. A safe community protected from spam and expensive courses, where members can share expertise. PIP is place where friends are made and also deals are done!!

Sue recalls how they started PIP

”Adam Lawrence and I set up Partners in Property as we were fed up of attending property network meetings where there was always an upsell and the meeting was just a cover for a sales funnel. We also found ourselves more often than not as the most experienced people in the room, which was great for other people, but not so good for us.

Another reason we established PIP is that property can be lonely and we wanted to found a community with like minded people where everyone is in property full time or is very serious about getting into property full time. And this is why we decided on a day time meeting.
We began with a meeting from 10-2 including lunch.  At our very first meeting we had about 60 people and the room was full to the rafters.  Adam had gone to Costco and did the lunchtime catering.Over time things evolved and the meetings now stretch from 9.30am to 4pm with plenty of time for networking, listening to the speakers, lunch and our often copied round tables.
When we had our first meeting back in 2017, I don’t think that Adam or I ever saw the PIP community growing the way it has.  We would have been really happy with a group of about 20 people meeting once a month.  We never envisaged that 5 years later, we’d have meetings in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Bristol with more than 500 members joining over that time.
We are delighted that we were one of the first property organisations to hold day time meetings with the view to attracting the serious property people and those who want to make property a fair proportion of their income.”
Come help us celebrate!
So we are really pleased to celebrate 5 years of Partners in Property on 7th October at PIP Birmingham.If you’ve not been to a PIP meeting yet, why don’t you make 7th October the day you come along and try us out.

In COVID PIP DIGITAL was born, and we have even just extended that to include two new entry level digital products too. So if you can’t get to a physical meeting we have extra options and ways to get involved! Discover all our PIP membership products right HERE 

We welcome new and experienced property investors, our meetings and members are known for their generosity of information. Once you are part of the PIP community it really is like being a member of the family.

Check out our infographic below on PIP in numbers over the last 5 years. All those hours of video footage are available for members to enjoy at their leisure so whatever membership you have – you have access to every meeting and all our content!

Here’s to the next 5 years…🥂


PIP In Numbers