The One About Social Media. PIP digital Wednesday 17th August.

Aug 18, 2022

Author: Sue Sims, PIP Co-Founder.


The focus of the whole evening was social media and the 10 in 10 video challenge.

We always open our digital meetings with a chance to network. We organise all participants into randomised rooms so they can meet other members and talk property in a virtual face to face scenario, Then it’s down to the guest speakers.

Speaker 1: Sue Sims

I was the first person to speak and I talked about how I built a brand and business using social media.  My advice was to be consistent, to turn up when your followers expect you to and don’t give up.  I discussed how I’ve posted every day for the last 6 years 3 or 4 times a day. I document what I do, so that people can see what I do and if they want to work with me they can see that I walk the walk and talk the talk.

Speaker 2: Angie Nicholls 

Angie Nicholls KPA Property
Angie Nicholls was our second speaker and she talked about how they can take one piece of social media content and use it in several different ways.  She also discussed whether a VA can post as you.  On balance the answer was yes.  But you need to work with the VA and to check their work before it is posted, so that it is your voice that comes through.  You need to be authentic and when people meet you in real life, you are the same person as you are on social media.

Speaker 3: Jude Hough

Jude Hough, Digital MarketeerThe third speaker of the evening was Jude Hough, a digital marketing specialist, and she discussed which social media platforms you can choose and why you should decide to use one main platform.  She listed her top 10 tips for using social media and getting the best from it.

Speaker 4: Kul Mahay

Kul Mahay was our keynote speaker and he covered lots of different topics around the 10 in 10 video challenge.  He feels that it is much more difficult to record a one minute video than it is to do a 20 minute presentation.  There is only so much content you can fit into 60 seconds.  The main takeaway I took from his presentation was that we all connect through speaking and that communication is the key point for everyone.  If you can enhance your communication skills, you will build better relationships.  His most important and lasting thought is that you should be aiming to only work with like valued people, rather than like minded people.  By working with like valued people, any business relationships are likely to be more successful, as you will both be coming from the same place.


After all speakers had presented, we moved into breakout rooms where everyone who was in the meeting could choose which speaker they wanted to ask more questions.  The breakout rooms lasted for 30 minutes giving every person plenty of time to ask the host of the room their burning questions.
We ended the meeting with 4 local virtual coffee meet ups for the PIP members to meet up with their other local members.  The breakout rooms were split into Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and London..  And each room was hosted by their local meeting host:
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