PIP Bristol – The One About The Birthday & Ethical Investing

Sep 26, 2022


By Angie Nicholls – Bristol Host

Bristol Hosts Bristol Birthday

This Friday’s Partners in Property Bristol event was buzzing and the energy in the room was both palpable and infectious!

Bristol’s third birthday event this week saw a jam-packed room, full of Bristol members; members from other locations; special guests from the world of property; partners, founders and, of course, cake – all coming together to discuss the incredibly important and nuanced topic of Raising Private finance. Sadly, we live in an age and work in a market sector, where things are not always as wholesome and honest as we would like them to be,  but our presentations on Friday, refreshingly had the theme of ethics and respect running the whole way through them!

Speaker 1:  Tyna Collins,  Fred and Jeans

Tyna Collins g


First up we heard from the lovely Tyna Collins of Fred and Jeans. Tyna spoke about how she never thought she would ever use investor funds in her projects and that, now, she really enjoys the process and has great relationships with her investors. My key takeaway from Tyna’s presentation was the way in which she makes it her business to understand her investors attitude to the funds, as well as what the funds represent to them and their motivations and attitude to risk. Tyna has a fabulous person-centred approach to working with private finance, which was obvious to see and wonderful to hear.

Speaker 2: Alicia Barlow,  Rose Alexander Property

Alicia Barlow


Next, we heard from the human dynamo who is Alicia Barlow of Rose Alexander Property. Alicia shared her passion for property and numbers, and we learned how she structures a deal and how she works with and finds investors. What stood out for me, in Alicia’s presentation, was the long list, based on years of experience, of people who she will not work with. Alicia’s key tenets of transparency and honesty came across loud and clear, together with an expansive attitude towards sharing experience and knowledge, for the benefit of everyone concerned – she also managed to display to the room, that she can mimic a pretty fair Russian accent!

Speaker 3: Rod Turner

Rod Turner


And last but never least, we had our very own Rod Turner, delivering a market update which knocked everyone’s socks off. Rod gave a data and stats driven presentation, which saw Adam Lawrence nodding his head throughout (which is always a good sign). During these times of uncertainty and turbulence in the market this type of accurate, useable and relevant in-depth information is vital and Rod did not disappoint.

We also had a mortgage update from Craig Beasley of The Mortgage Consultancy and an Insurance update from John Cox of Insurance Desk.

We ended the day with 3 sessions of expert led round table discussions and were absolutely spoilt this month due to the sheer wealth of knowledge in the room.

 Bristol Bristol Round table


Next month’s meeting is on Friday 28th October, where we will be turning our attention to the subject of auctions –  PiPstyle, from every angle!

If you’ve ever wondered what a supportive, experienced, and friendly property community looks and feels like, then why not pop on over to our website and take advantage of the special offer we have available. We’d love for you to come and join us in Bristol –where a very warm welcome awaits!”


Angie and Ben, Bristol Hosts and Owners of KPA Property Managements

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