PIP Birmingham, July 2023: The one about Diversification 

Jul 11, 2023

By Sue Sims.

The meeting commenced with an introductions round, allowing attendees to familiarise themselves with each other.

Dan Cottam, an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), kicked off the session by discussing the importance of diversification in investment strategies – to complement and not compete with property.

He emphasised the benefits of spreading investments across different asset classes to mitigate risk.

He talked about the different tax efficient wrappers and pension options to maximise savings.

Peter Vandervennin provided an update on the mortgage market. He shared valuable insights into the market volatility we are seeing and high interest rates.

Single lets are not stacking at current rates, hence the need for diversification into different property business models such as HMO and SA. Adding value is more important than ever and the deals are out there if you look hard enough and perhaps adapt some of the classic direct to vendor techniques to find them.

The meeting then featured our special speaker, none other than our very own Adam Lawrence, who delved into the topic of current economics.

Adam’s expertise shed light on the prevailing economic climate, high swap rates resulting in high fixed rate mortgages. CPI is falling and monetary policy will continue to increase interest rates to continue this trend – however it’s persistent core inflation that needs to be controlled, which is still rampant.

As ever his presentation provided attendees with valuable information to make informed decisions in their investments and to keep calm and carry on!

Nav Zaman was next on the agenda, who discussed the realm of social housing. Nav provided an overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with investing in this sector. He highlighted the increasing demand for housing the homeless in HMO properties and the potential benefits it presents for property investors – but it’s key to work with reputable registered providers and management agents like Positive Choices.

After a productive morning session, the attendees reconvened after lunch for round table discussions. This segment allowed participants to engage in focused conversations and exchange ideas on specific topics of interest.

The round tables foster networking, collaboration, and the sharing of experiences among the Partners in Property community.

Overall, the PIP meeting offered superb expert insights and networking opportunities. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of diversification, mortgage updates, current economics, and social housing, all of which will assist them in their property endeavours.

Looking forward to the August meeting already!