Lack of housing is top concern amongst property investors!

Jul 28, 2022


Author: Jude Hough.

In a recent poll of our 5200 Facebook community  of experienced property investors (You can join our free community here) we asked the question: ‘’What’s your major reason for not buying property today?’’ We gave our members six options to choose from.

  • Worry about interest rates
  • Will the market crash?
  • Lack of stock at the right price
  • Changes to landlord legislation
  • Tenants not paying rent
  • Lack of funds

The results are in

Property Survey Results

Results of PIP survey ‘What’s your major reason for not buying property today?’ July 2022

It may be of no surprise to you that the outright winner with 51% of the vote is Lack of stock at the right price. If you read the news you might think fears about the property market crashing might have scored high, however this was of no concern to our community; although 8% of respondents were worried about rising interest rates, and the current economic issues of Tenants not paying rent (6%). Of greater concern (although not as high as lack of stock at the right price) were lack of funds 19% and changes to landlord legislation 16%.

Expert Analysis

Adam Lawrence Property ExpertWe asked PIP partner and experienced investor Adam Lawrence for his expert analysis of the results: ‘’It’s no surprise that the majority of respondents chose lack of stock at the right price as their number one reason for not buying property today. Many investors have kept their powder dry for the last two years, not because they want to, but because they have been feeling forced to. However, with capital growth cooling slightly, and rent rocketing forwards, the pendulum is starting to shift back towards a market where it is possible to invest. We believe there is always deals out there in any market, which is why our community is so important to keeping other investors truly in touch with what is going on across the country. ‘’ You can find out more about  the global housing crises on the World Economic Forum here.

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