HMO For Beginners… #1 What Is An HMO?

Sep 17, 2022


HMO For Beginners


By Sue Sims

So in this series I am going to take you thro0ugh everything you need to know about HMO’s. Today we start at the very beginning.. what even IS an HMO?

So firstly an HMO stands for a House of Multiple Occupation. The official definition of an HMO is a property thatis going to be lived in by three or
more people who form two or more households.

You can either have a licensed HMO or an unlicensed HMO. The compliance is the same, but you need a license if you’re going to have five or more people living in the property.

HMOs are usually lived in by single people. That makes it easy for compliance. These could be people who are working, it could be people who have got quite transparent jobs who don’t want to put down roots. Or it could be somebody who is unemployed.

There’s another type of HMO as well, and those HMOs are lived in with groups of friends or students.

So that’s my short and sweet definition of a HMO

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