Bristol, Feb 2023. The one about the accidental landlord.

Feb 27, 2023


By Angie Nicholls

Another cracking day was had at PiP Bristol on Friday, for our February event, centred around “the accidental landlord” – how can we work with them, how can we help them and where we can find them!

First up was our PiP Birmingham host, Raj Sharma, with a fantastic keynote presentation illustrating his thoughts on the topic. Raj is a wonderfully detail driven guy and he gave us some insights into how we can actively plan to work with these landlords; where we can find them; how we can create win/win scenarios for both them and ourselves, whilst illustrating his points, with some real life case studies of projects where he has successfully done exactly these things.

Next up, our Bristol hosts, Ben and Angie Nicholls described a current deal, where they have worked hard to deliver their signature win/win approach, for an accidental landlord, who was in a very tricky situation. Ben and Angie described how they had worked side by side with this landlord, to avoid turning a drama into a crisis and to craft an outcome designed to provide value for all concerned, with a great ending for the landlord in particular.

Our sponsor Ian Walmsley, the property geek himself, took to the front of the room next, describing alternative routes to planning. Whenever we hear Ian speak, with such fluency in planning matters and describing ways through the minefield that this area of property development can often be, we feel grateful to have his experience in the room. After his presentation, Ian took questions from the floor, as well as making himself available for round table sessions later in the afternoon.

After an opportunity to network over tea and coffee, our very own Sue Sims took to the floor, with a wonderful presentation about some of her more “off the cuff” purchases. Sue detailed how she had capitalized on opportunities which had presented themselves to her over the years and how some of them had turned out to be the best performing assets in her portfolio. Sue’s 30 year plus property experience is huge and it was interesting to hear how she approaches negotiations and leverages this experience, to bring about terrific outcomes for all concerned.

And last but definitely not least, our Sponsor Ryan Brewer, from Together Finance, spoke about how Together can help with these quirky and unusual projects, with their “we like to say yes” approach. Ryan gave some great examples and urged us all to “just have a conversation” as he always likes to add value wherever possible.

We then adjourned for lunch, to catch up, network and mull over all the information of the day. After lunch, our members made beneficial use of our round table discussions, to ask some very candid questions of our speakers, sponsors and other industry professionals. Our round table discussions and the more private 121 sessions that we have available are always some of the most popular parts of the day, where we always urge our members to leave no questions un-asked and no table host under grilled!

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