Bristol December ’22. The one where intentions were set for 2023.

Dec 16, 2022


By, Angie Nicholls

December’s PiP Bristol came with a twist this month – well it is Christmas after all! Ben Nicholls ran a fabulous goal setting workshop and we invited the room to throw themselves into the exercise, being as bold, as specific and as open as they could and, as always, the PiP members did not disappoint! Intentions for 2023 and beyond have been set!

First up we heard from one of our sponsors, Ian Walmsley – the Planning Geek himself. Ian stunned the room, with probably one of the most open and candid presentations that we have ever heard from him. Talking us all through how he uses large, audacious goals to focus and what this has meant for his business. Ian set the tone for the rest of the day with frankness and honesty.

Next up, Ben divided the room into groups of 6, and we spent the rest of the morning looking at our individual goals, in depth. Working through our detailed worksheets, we were asked to look at the drivers behind the goals, the specificity, measurables and barriers we faced and how to overcome those barriers. Using our groups as sounding boards, we each expressed our thoughts and findings and added value for each other, wherever we could.

We then broke for a full sit down Christmas lunch and enjoyed networking alongside turkey and all the trimmings!

When we got back into the room, each and every one of us took it in turns to present to the room one goal, one barrier and one potential solution. The goals were diverse, ranging from large amounts of investment pots that needed to be raised, skill sets that needed to be gained, unhelpful behaviour traits which needed to be re-thought, alongside some more personal and emotional goals. We were blown away by the level of thought, detail and sheer honesty in the room, a number of members expressing details that they had never shared before. Organically and without prompting, pacts of accountability were made and everyone cheered as, one by one, goals were set and intentions declared, as we each placed our “post it notes” on the whiteboard for all to see.

The next Bristol event is on Friday 27th January, where we will be taking a deep dive into Black Swan deals – “the ones which kept us awake nights.”


If you’d like to come and join us, you can get your first month half price here no contract, no minimum term, just a whole lot of community. We’d love for you to come and join us at PiP Bristol, where a very warm welcome awaits!