The one where the learnings and insights were as bright as the sun.

Jun 24, 2024

Thursday 20th June was a bright and sunny day, a great back drop for another Partners in Property London meeting.
As ever we kicked off with a round of introductions. We love listening to our members and what they are doing. Some were stopped in their tracks, 15 seconds goes by very quickly when you are describing what you do.
Our first speaker was James Rogers from 978 Finance with his mortgage update and some examples of latest mortgages they’ve secured on behalf of their clients.
Next up was Jessica Macaulay. Her presentation underlined why she’s a PIP host. Four great deals. Non straightforward and all with different challenges. Jess is definitely a go to person if you have a tricky deal and need advice and support.
Our last speaker before coffee was Gerard Davis from Talbots with his update about the leasehold reform act.
There was lots of networking over coffee and as it was such a jam packed day, we quickly called everyone back to their seats.
First to speak after coffee was Ege Goksul with his member showcase. Ege is a typical PIP member who just gets on with property without shouting about it. After moving to the UK, he’s bought, converted and refinanced several developments. He turned his member showcase into a deal clinic with a session asking for opinions on one of his latest developments and taking advice from the room.
Kerrie Johnson from Insurance Desk reminded us that we should all be considering cyber insurance as part of insuring our portfolios.
Our keynote speaker was Jay Anthony Howard from Hammered and the Auction Buyers Club. It was so lovely having Jay back at the front of a PIP room and he’s always welcomed back by the PIP community. Jay rattled through his planned presentation and allowed lots of time for questions and stories. No one has better stories about things that go wrong when buying at auction than Jay Howard.
The final presentation of the day was made by Matt Lester, one of the London PIP members. Firstly he introduced himself to us and talked through his first development, where everything that could go wrong did. But he overcame and it worked out in the end. Mat then moved into the deal clinic where he presented a property development he’s considering buying. There are many challenges and he opened up to the room and asked for help and opinions on what could be done.
Then it was time for lunch and more networking, followed by round tables and an afternoon of more questions.
Round tables were facilitated by Jay Howard, Jess Macauley, Kerrie Johnson, Matt Lester and Gerard Davis.
And to round off the day, we moved downstairs for drinks in the sun on the terrace overlooking St Katherine’s dock.
Another value packed, content rich day and we get to do it all over again on 11th July.