18th November, 2022. Manchester. The One About Stockport and SA.

Nov 23, 2022


By Alicia Barlow

With all the scaremongering and doom and gloom headlines, it was great to know that at the PIP Manchester meeting this month our community have continued to weather the storm, are actively investing, and continually sharing their current experiences in the market.

The room was full to bursting and we were excited to welcome our 2 new members this month, Chrissy and Shiz!

Welcoming our first Sponsor, Pinder from Falcon Insurance, he reiterated the importance of not only having the right insurance product; but the right Broker! The biggest takeaways today for Members was ensuring if you are leasing to a Charity or for Social Housing, that your Insurer is aware of the tenant profile of the Sub-let in place in your property; this covers you for all eventualities. Equally, reinstatement values to be signed off by qualified RICS professionals!

Our first speaker, Clive Tattersall blew the room away with his incredible experience of the property industry (since the 1980s)! The masses of funding being pumped into Stockport was key to the presentation, Project 8 being particularly impressive. A walk back in time through to modern day; showing the changing face of the area made everyone’s ears prick up for future investment opportunities in Manchester. Stockport will be the Gateway to the North!

Our second Sponsor Pete from the Mortgage Consultancy calmed some fears in the room on forecasted interest rates; building further confidence in our investments for 2023 and beyond!

The third Sponsor Kirsty from Together, explained how they are still writing £millions of business; albeit rates are now a little higher; they are still the most competitive bridging lender in the market.

Last but not least, the final key Speaker of the day was Rebecca Winstanley of Leonis Estates. Rebecca’s presentation was unbelievably inspiring, growing a R2SA business turning over £250,000 in 2 years, starting on the first day of Covid lockdown! Their approach to investing as a business was refreshing to hear. They’ve built, refined, and tested all their internal processes, to create an incredible brand which is highly regarded in the UK for Serviced Accommodation. These guys are doing BIG things and we were humbled to have them here to present that value to our members.

Overall, this was a day full of inspiring investment, exciting growth data, and critical thinking ideas that we can all benefit from to equip ourselves as we head into the looming UK recession…

I can’t wait for next month’s Christmas meeting already, the last one of 2022 – Christmas Jumpers at the ready folks!